we write only because we are.


Take a moment to dream for a moment.

Imagine sitting in a nice large arm chair in a warm log cabin or a lying down in a hammock beside gentle crashing clear blue waves.

Take time to imagine, to allow God to paint dreams, visions and images in your heart (not your mind)

Don’t stop dreaming, enjoy dreaming—dreaming isn’t bad, it isn’t impractical, it’s beautiful.

You nothing to lose, simply enjoy your dreams with Jesus. You have everything to gain in Christ.



I haven’t thought of what i want to write yet. I just feel a sudden urge to journal my life once more.

It shows 12:28 AM on my clock, i just came back from an awesome praise and worship session with Hwei. The guitar sounded a little wonky and my fingers hurt but I feel this unexplainable satisfaction, the feeling you get after a good meal.

Communion with the Lord is always refreshing. But I really the presence of another person today, especially when her voice sounds like an angel.

Lord, I really treasure moments like this. So restful, chill, and relaxed. Nothing rushing you, no compulsion to perform, only the desire for intimate communion.

Now it’ll be nice to operate like this whenever I am, especially at work. To operate from restfulness not restlessness,. Grow me in this area Lord, to be accurate, restful and sharp. Amen.

I commit this to you Jeus, you lead and i’ll follow…

perhaps we saw our dreams collide.

ambition. opinion. esteem. status.

the desire to be known. understood.

maybe after the dust settles, we;ll finally realise that there’s been one person who perfectly understands us, loves us and cherishes us.

when it becomes very little about me, and very much more about you, there is my joy—that i’ve found someone greater to live for. (:


the story thus far.

I’ll like to see how i’ve matured as a writer after such a long break from writing.

“Wait, how do you mature as a writer when you haven’t been writing?”

Well, that’s an irony, since i’ve started designing professionally, i’ve ceased from writing almost entirely. almost entirely.

I think the one think i’ve matured as a writer while not actively writing is that I’ve learnt the importance of discipline.

Writing and designing does share a similar root to success, and that is discipline. I’ve realized that discipline is artform that requires honing, like mastering a stance in swordplay or getting the 99-hit combo right in a classic arcade game.

Though I’ve yet to master what it makes to be completely disciplined, I’m grateful that this is a journey that I’ve only just began.

So that’s the story thus far. Looking back at where i’ve been, I can’t help but be grateful for the grace and mercy that Lord has on my life, how He has groomed me thus far, how He has pruned me and watered me.

I have matured, maybe not significantly off-the-charts, but significant to me, because I knew where I’ve been, where I’ve dwelt.

And I acknowledge that growth in my life, my God has always be a progressive not regressive God. And learning to trust Him, to hold His hand, to yield to Him, to let Him carry me—this has brought me forward to a place I never through I’ll ever cross.

He is certainly not done with me. So if I still see tangible weakness in my life, then praise Jesus anyway, because I’l see tangible grace for every weakness.

amen 🙂

after His own heart.

Though it seems like we may not be doing what we feel we were called to do; like how Joseph was a slave, Moses, a forgotten shepherd and David, the embattled fugitive. More often than not, we are already in the flow of God’s calling albeit unconscious of the fact that preparation is part of the moving in calling of God.

So if you feel like you’re in the wilderness – you’re probably reaching the promised land. And if you’re facing a giant, that means you ALREADY IN the promised land. (just ask Caleb, He knows…)

Moving in the calling of God has its meanders, hidden pathways and winding slopes; but in the end of the day – it’s never about the accomplishments we do for the Lord, it’s not about the battles we’ve fought and won for the King. But the journey and relationship we had with our dear Shepherd.

David was a man after God’s heart, because, because and because He sought out (and allowed himself to be sought out) and clung unto the presence and mercies of Jesus, His Lord and God.

Mess to message.

It’s very encouraging to see how God can take your messes and turn them into messages.

It’s good to know that He cleans up your messes though you’ve left behind quite an aftermath.

If this isn’t grace, what is?


how many tears will I cry; till I finally realise that I’m your delight.
every droplet, every tear–you keep them, you hold them dear.

you descend like gentle snowflakes; you rise up like a mighty gale.
fiercely guard me o Lord; my heart in you secure. 


to think that even a glance at it makes my tummy churn;
i never knew looking at a christmas tree would be so painful.

the light of the world hung on a tree–with a crimson flow, to set me free.

assure me Lord, assure me.

Back into perspective.

There are days we ask Jesus…

“Why are things not easy, why are things so hard?”

But instead of seeing things being so difficult, we could see them as avenues for grace…

We may never see this immediately, but in every situation we go through it has already been tampered with grace.

I guess it could been worse?

Yet I am convinced that if i’ve got to go through this valley, I will not endure the journey, but rather i’ll take my time to experience it and allow my heavenly Daddy to coach and mentor me.

Pastor M made a really good comment awhile ago, and I echo it: “Don’t waste the pain”

While pain is not from DaddyGod, it is still a useful change agent, not everything is God-sent but everything can be God-used.

So I shalln’t waste this, but i’ll grow from it.

I can’t tell the future, but I know that The One who holds mine in His hands.


emotional stability is never emotional indifference; never confuse the two, an emotional stable person feels hurts, cries tears but comes out stronger.

an indifferent person is just numb, never feeling, never tasted sweetness of love nor the sourness of pain.

“if eyes are windows to the soul, then tears wash those windows when they get dirty..”