by e

haha, I just realised.

this whole fiasco is like 3:17 from ‘First Breath After Coma’

only a split second of pause… silent…breath abated.

there the climax of the song reaches it’s peak.

Imagine just a moment ago there was a sudden pause, a sudden death, silence from the already beautiful and building rhythm….

but Explosions had something better in mind…

a resurrection..the pause is only for a moment..a revival begins at 3:17….

A even more beautiful and moving melody is released from that ‘sudden-death’…

the beat increases, the guitar reaches a peak… the bass resonates, building up to a climax..

then there was 4:19…the rest period, a moment of security…

tiny twinklings from the guitar.. slow beat from the bass…


I’m out of this to a greater beginning (: