thankyou bro.

by e

mr, thankyou…

thankyou for the silent strength you extrude..though we don’t have conversations, though you don’t minister to me directly anymore.

it’s the things I read from you that reminds me.

It’s ok to be me.

Because the mark of a man of God is this…something I learnt from you and I’ll never forget.

“Be the best Immanuel that God ever made..”

And I’ll do just that…

“Be myself, be the true me by being real, be no one else but Immanuel, not try to be a Pastor Prince or a CGL, not try to be like you…but simply rest in my identity, being ME!”

It all sound so simple, but I guess this is it.

I rather be me than to be successful being someone else…


like my conversation with meijie yesterday,

I told her plainly…

How often we can fall so deeply in love with our costume, our character…that we forget that the play would end, it always ends, but We rather have people love the character we play rather than the person we are beneath the costume.. We rather have people love the mask more than our face…

Because we’re afraid that the play would end, we’re afraid of change, afraid of losing…. We hold dear to the Character we play so deeply the we think we’re Romeos or Juliets in real life, when we are actually Immanuels and Jennys…

Would our life end, when the curtains close?

Would our world grow dark when the floodlights are switched off?

Being real is more than the exposure of our hearts, It’s the removing of our masks and sticking to our identity in Christ.

When we aren’t spiritual and all ‘hallelujah’ – let not force ourselves to be religiously ‘happy’ and ‘joyful’….

but rather, GET REAL! mourn with those who mourn, be with those who need company, cry with the tearful, hug the broken hearted.

The most powerful verses in the bible for the broken heart isn’t the religious ‘doing’, but it’s the verse of love.

It’s not the procees of cermonies and rites, it’s the reason being the killing of the lamb – all for Love.

and when we’re honest with ourselves and God, when we approach the throne of Grace, needy and in pain, when can truly find healing and help in time of need.

Why need help when you’re altogether? (:

Being real with God is needing Him. in the Good and the Bad…

In a relationship – joy is not conjured, it’s given. Love is not a rule, it comes in the form of hugs.

Screw religion, thankGod for a relationship with Him. (: