im silly.

by e

silly silly silly.

it’s been a silly day.

my colleague made Mango pudding for the gang today.


my comment made everyone fall off their chairs..

“wah, look like real mango eh.. wah taste like real mango also..”

haha, ok look here, I grew up eating FAKE mango pudding…. I grew up eating mango-FLAVOURED pudding (those agar agar kind) so, of course i’m shocked at eating pudding made from PURE MANGO PUREE…

but it’s darn yummy mans… Pudding with all that mango-y goodness… Hallelujah.. it’s life-changing pudding.

today I acted really silly, no matter how much my boss poked fun at me, I just laughed it off.. much to the point, he gave up trying to provoke me and when on to another colleague.. In fact, I told him this – “if this makes you happy, disturb me lor..haha…” wahaha, they called me silly boy in office today.

im silly.

I like being silly and making people smile silly. Lil mr silly!

this is a silly post! wahahaa.

L, silliness is good. I like being lil mr silly if it makes people happy, silly grins are nice too (: woohoo! encouragement delivery! (: pudding. yum!