by e

L, for a split second I saw glory in you, and glory before you.

and I smiled.

because I’m ready to recieve my portion as well. I can’t wait for GI GEMS Camp 2008.

I’m heading in, humbled to recieve.. though I’m there to minister and to care, I will from there as I serve and care.. HE will serve and care for me…

L, Grace flows through you AS you RECIEVE grace. It’s an instantanous motion… You give only what you recieve and as you recieve you give.. (:

Like dividing the Five loaves and Two fishes… as Jesus divide the meal, it multiplied. He is IN you. He’ll multiply whatever you need to have multiplied. (:


I’m so excited, I’m back on track again..another button the enemy has been exploiting has been plucked out by the Grace of God. (:

thankyou L…This what I call.. Iron sharpens iron.. (:

now go be a blessing. (:

and I’m still praying for you ya? no worries.. (: