by e


who is that you see in the mirror?

it is easy to despise the mirror when you look out for the shortcomings in the image…

no, but look closer…

don’t you see grace?

don’t you see Jesus?


just look again… because there’s glory arising from the person is the mirror..



and so..I wrote a song, spur of the moment maybe..haha… oh..Jesus I love you…

Just a glance will do.

Just a glance will do,
Just glance into the truth.
Take a glance into my glory.
Take a chance and you’ll be moved.
And you’ll walk on water,
Just keep your eyes on me.
Take a glance, and look to Jesus,
Soon it’ll turn into a gaze.

I am, falling in love with you.
And my eyes they look to you, oh Lord

and I, I am falling in love with you.
all doesn’t matter, cuz I’m desperate for you..

Just awhile with you,
Just second will do…
Take your time with Jesus,
do not rush, let him talk with you.

and I, I have fallen in love with you.
See my hands, my feet and my side..
and I, I given my life for you..

So do not worry, I will be with you..

Take a glance into the skies,
See the colors stretch from side to side..
That’s my grace for you…
That’s wider that the widest sky…