goodnight love.

by e

“I’m married to Christ.” I said in reply to why I’m still single.

I remember telling that to the ‘aunties’ (the wonderful ‘young’ female servers) at the hokkien service who asked me the typical question to young men..and this was quite some time back….

and I still remember the puzzled look they gave me…

Maybe I was young and naive or whatever…but I was convicted… I’m married TO THE CHRIST.

I’m the lovely bride (or I called myself the groom then) of Christ.

I’m taken. (for now) by the Lover of my Soul.

Maybe that is why I remained single for the longest time possible… though I have many chances to go out with the girls from school/church or something…

Knowing I have a romantic relationship with Jesus really kept the ‘youthful lust’ (as quoted from somewhere in the bible) under control…not that I’m really that attractive or anythin, i thought I didn’t look very ‘wonderful’ then…haha..

Jesus loves me intimately, I don’t need to feel insecure when people ask me about my relationship – Jesus is my girlfriend. (I know it sounds funny but it’s a revelation to me) (:

gender no longer is a matter.. Jesus loves my spirit..  (:

and thus I’ll still wait till Christmas..


today I celebrate one day of service in the Police Force (I entered the force just exactly one year ago from today!)  …just one more year to go and I’m free (:

(Jesus loves me, goodnight)