pen, song, you.

by e

i think of you everyday,
i think of how you saved me,
i think of how patient you are with me,

i think of you.

your love,
 your goodness,
  your laughter,
   your song,
    your embrace..

I wanna write a song.

not a song of you..
a song for you, to you..

I want to sing to you, dance with you, fall in love with you over and over again..
I want to walk down the lanes of beverly hills and paris in the cool evening with you..
I want to stroll down the yellow green fields of holland and climb the peaks of africa with you.

I want to write a song, because every thought of you permeates my entire being.
If I do not pen this down, passion will burn throughout me.
If I don’t speak, your words will set ablaze in my bones.

There is not a moment i am not in your thoughts,
  there is not a moment i escape your notice..
   you’re near me, so near you feel my breathe,
    so near you feel my heart beating, and your heart beats with mine.

I am but a breath, yet you love a passing breath like me,
 I am like grass, here today, gone tomorrow, yet you gave your all for me..

who am I that you that you love me?
  but you chose me, called me out from nothingness…
   set me on high, made me your own..

this is my song to you, my most intimate lover.
  yet my pen is unable to express all I have to say,
    mere words and melodies are inadequate yet I must sing..

I’ll sing a wordless song, a song deep within me..

that you love me Lord, you love me deeply..
 that I love you Lord, but you love me even more…

I give you my pen. my song, my all.

and today we shall sing together, my love.