so assured.

by e

thank you Jie for sudden smses from the Orient land of Shanghai…

today’s sudden sms is a true shocker, yet it’s so comforting…

Yes, thank you for assuring me that you’re one of those precious people, and for reminding me that there are people who would care, love and protect me.. (:

I guess I needed that assurance from time to time.. thankyou dear jie for pointing me back to Jesus when my eyes are weary.. (:

Jie, you are such a dear to me la… I’m putting your name in my will k.. (for symbolism sake, haha I know we’ll prolly get ruptured before the will can take effect..hee..)

Please come back soon! haha.. I miss the IKEA meatball sessions… I miss following you around to do errands..haha.. I miss the nice nice ice cream days.. (:

but whatever it is, I’m glad you’re doing well there… that you’re prospering in Shanghai….

I wouldn’t want you to fly around anymore, I would want to be selfish and not let you go (haha as if I can stop you).

But your dear lil bro here says: GO! go and bless the nations you set foot on.. whether it’s for holiday, work or mission..

You are treasured Jie! Remember to get me something nice and cheap from Shanghai! haha.. I’m getting my first sem results for my course soon.. Will tell you the good news.. (:

ps. yeah jie, thank you for reminding me that waiting is never easy, but it can be restful… so awesomes la..