it’s sat!

by e

hallelujah! it’s finally Saturday!! (:

many many good things have happened this week… and it’s amazing how the week has pased so fast..

I’m looking forward to Sunday mans… So looking forward to sunday…

I’ll be heading off to work now… oh and I’m looking forward to my extra $800 dough mans.. I’m planning on giving Mom and Dad $100 each… (: (:

oh mans… I’m so happy this week has passed already… it’s been a very precious journey taken this week… a week that I won’t forget la… (:

anyway.. I’m so happy to have celebrated AH SOON aka Lucas’ birthday yesterday.. just so blissful la.. all the lame jokes and ‘borat’ incidents.. hee (: (:

I don’t know how and why..but I’m regaining contact with my secondary schoolmates… I’m still shocked at how one of them managed to find me on Facebook.. (:

all has been good la… I kept my promises… and I’m still quite sane.. so all’s good (:

and yay! you’re coming back! (: