fears aside

by e

assurance is such a precious thing nowadays…

I guess I wanted some assurance…and I got it la… now my heart isn’t so itchy and fearful…

So it’s with everything I am,
I reach out for your hand,
The hope, the change, the second chance I’ve gained,
On you I throw my life,
casting all my fears aside,
How could greater love than this, ever possibly exist

So I wait upon You now,
With my hands released to You,
Where a little faith’s enough,
To see mountains lifted, moved,

Yeah and I wait upon You now,
Dedicated to Your will,
To this love that will remain,
A love that never fails

I’ve a hope, a second chance and a love that never fails… Dad, your grace amazes me la…

It’s been a very beautiful week…I liked this week alot…

Dad, I give you my work and studies… prosper it Lord…