hands raised.

by e

third one for the day.

how interesting the common action for surrender is two hands raised in the air.
if you don’t have a white flag, you’ll drop your arms and raise your hands.

and how interesting the common action of worship is hands raised.
i never attended a ‘how-to’ worship course before, but yet, I’ll raise my hands up into the air and I raise my voice in worship.

I will follow after you, so long as my soul lives, I will lift up my hands unto thy name oh Lord..

could it be, worship is surrender?

call me slow, many books were written on worship and surrender…. many good books were written expounding on this topic before…

but i find it refreshing, in fact – a relief to experience ‘surrendering-worship’…

daddyGod is never early nor late, he rescues up just in time.

before the knife plunges into issac – a ram was provided.
before the walls of Jericho fell – rahab tied the red cord to she window
before adam and eve left the garden – God clothed them
before their clothes burnt – Jesus stood amongst the three men in the furnace
before i was born – Jesus hung on the cross for me.

in every incident, every case, every story – i don’t see any possibility of how can any of us even find a way out from our crisis. none of us could rescue ourselves.

it’s in these helpless moments – Jesus dives in to rescue us.

it’s when I cry – Jesus take the wheel! and immediately he takes over and drives.

can we worship in our darkest moments?

and we lift up our hands in surrender – when strengthless and in need of help.

King David worshipped when in doubt, worshipped in joy, worshipped in pain, worshipped in victory, worshipped in trials…

read the psalms, read the books of Samuel, read the Chronicles….whenever David worshipped the Lord, help comes, victory ensues… even when David sinned – committed murder and adultery, he worshipped – knowing his grave mistake, he sought the Lord. Though his first child with Bathsheba died, Solomon, came along and guess who succeeded David – the son whom David had with Bathsheba…Solomon (who is also the wisest man on earth).

There’s grace, and grace flows when we’re in surrendering-worship.

when circumstances are unbearable – lift up your hands and worship.
when you can’t wait no more – lift up your hands and your voice – worship.
when you’re hardpressed and tired – just lift up even a finger; just worship.

and see how faithful is Jesus – watch the great extent of the faithfulness of our beloved saviour.

Grace flows in worship-surrender.

Lord, give me shalom – rest. (: