by e

existence is an imperative.
but living is a decision.

many exist, only some have truly lived.

the heart beats, but is it fulfilled?
there is the performance, but the curtain would inevitably close;
masks have to be removed one day, costumes are stripped away.

you exist, but do you live?
you inhale, but do you breathe?

living is a decision.

death comes to all, but life is a gift.

a gift so costly, a gift hung on two wooden beams, affixed with three iron bolts.

there is a proverb that says that the heart is the spring of life. what good is it for a person who gains the world but loses his soul, and kills his heart?

one is wealthy, but lifeless
prosperous but just an empty shell.

he does all the right things,
but he leaves his heart behind.

leaves his heart behind…

lord there is a way to connect the heart with the actions isn’t there?
there is a way to truly live isn’t there?

i’ve merely began to breathe.
i’m learning to breathe in this abundant skies.

lord i don’t care if i have nothing, i have you that’s more than enough.

lord, i’m chasing my dreams, i’m not settling for any lesser.
lord, i’m following my heart, i believe in dreams fulfilled

lord, i wanna live. i wanna breathe, i wanna break free,
lord, set me free and i’ll run in the vast fields of laughter;
lord, give me wings and soar upon the winds of your grace.

lord, put life into this vessel, give me a glimmer in my eyes, put a skip in my step.

i’m not gonna tread lightly and carefully, i’m hopping gleefully to my way home.

what is mere existence when you can truly live. Lord I choose life. (: