jer 29:11

by e

sunshine’s sms came timely today…

jer 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

you should really check out the whole of jer 29… it’s interesting…really.

so, daddyGod has plans for me eh? (:

then I shouldn’t worry my socks off…let me just flow dad….

you plan my career route.. it’s about time already… (: promise me Lord you’ll make me a millionaire for you glory sake…

it’s not the money I want Lord, the more I get, Lord, is the more I want to give away… But daddyGod I want what people think money can bring…

I want true prosperity… daddyGod, I want good health for me and my loved ones…I want joy and carefree-ness… I want to travel this little green blob you created for my enjoyment.. I want to taste every nice tasting things in this universe.. I want to give my future wife a comfy home with enough to spend.. I want to make sure my parents are happy… I want my kids to have a good education but also a warm home.

Dad, I want many things… but I only need one thing.

Your love.

Your love would be what assures me when I’m insecure, forgives me when I make a mistake, heals me from my past, rescues me from my condemnation, loves me when I feel unloved, carries me when I’m tired, strengthens me when my beloved needs me, anoints me to minister to people, nourishes me when I’m hungry, quenches my thirst when I need a drink and raises me up when intimidation roars.

You have a plan for me right dad?

if I were to be your son Lord, make me for best and favourite son. (:

and i guess you already did…

since we’re on this road, Lord lets make the best of it. (: