by e

i just read her latest…

she’ll be alright… Jesus is with her… He’ll look after her..

I’m assured now Lord.. I’ll walk with you now…

I’ll move forward now… Yes, memories you keep for me first… you hold on to them…Jesus you protect those memories.. (:

Let’s walk the ever brightening path now Lord… I will not be stubborn.. I will follow.. I’ll submit. (:

The fear (honor) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…

I know you’re moulding a man out from me.. I know now.. there is a revelation.. I live out from that revelation Lord.. (:

hallelujah.. (: thankyou Lord for looking after her…and looking after me.

“it’s not the end… that’s for sure… because with every death – there is NEW life… this is a new journey.. a good twist… to a happy ending.. a good ever and ever after (:”