by e

ok i admit, I’m super bored can. I’m drafting out some things for my sub-comm. but still I can’t help but feel kinda bored.

got a itchy feeling inside, it’s really itchy, i feel so tempted to send a sms or email. haha. well….i can’t. oh daddy…relief the itch can..haha…

and so I’m trying to be busy to fend off my extreme boredom now. even the PSP isn’t helping. my boss is on leave, makes me kinda free today. WAH LORD HELP ME FEND OFF THIS IRRITATING BOREDOM!!

okok, chill go back to typing and drafting. gonna meet lucas later. Lord make this fellowship good. amen.

itchy itchy!! haha can’t believe that I’m checking my email every 5 minutes just to await for a reply leh..haha…

boredom, i command you to leave now. in Jesus name I pray, amen!