by e

mei mei!!! are yoouuu reading this???


Gosh, it’s director’s list yea?? Haha… not like it’s better than being in daddyGod’s book of life la.

but isn’t this a testimony? Isn’t this one of the things you shared in cg then? about being included in the director’s list?

Mei mei, dreams are being fulfilled. this is a manifested blessing! (:

yea, i do miss tpcg..haha.. i miss you guys.. i miss nic sharing, miss daryl brightening my day by being lame, i miss my cute lil sis, i miss CHIONG! lol, i miss popo, i miss ah soon, i miss muscle-guy, i miss the gay partners – zx and hl, i miss xh, i miss merv-kia, i miss rachel, i miss jon, i miss tp la..

haha, it’s a good kind of missing. i miss you guys loads.

and sunshine,
HAHA, PRAISE GOD! CODEC WAS GOOD! You got B for H.264 leh!!! hahaha.. our efforts paid off!nononooo, GRACE MADE A WAY!! (: just how cool is that. I’m proud of you la. just so proud. more to come I know it, just so much more.. see all things are already working for good. (:

oh oh oh, and estherrrrr, our exams are over!!! woohoo! I feel as if I was in NUS leh..haha.. same time exam.

🙂 and clif. I’m proud of you mans. Proud of you for opening up. you literally spilled everything out in the bus ride. everything lil detail. I’m glad we took that long bus ride. I’m glad I asked the right questions. I’m gald I got to share my our life story with you. I’m proud to be your sub-comm team mates. Let make this camp a good one. Lets do this together bro. Booya. (:

and to top this off la,

daddyGod, you really made all things work out for good la. for exams to ministry.

seems like everything I set my hands to do are prospering.

make me even more teachable in the days to come. I want to be train even further. grow me just grow me so much more.

(see another day, Lord we braved through another day leh. the pillow’s dry, now that’s a good sign.)