by e

I’m typing in code today. 🙂

Most of the time I don’t la, but today…
i kinda feel like it….
see if you can figure it out what is it la..
see if you know who you are.. (: but I guess..hmms..

You already know by now, do you?
oh, you don’t…haha sure or not?
usually it isn’t as obvious as this…

sunshine, it really seems like long distance eh? I guess this prepares me for China or France…haha…

please go tml? I don’t have meeting… (:

oh and cg was great today mans! haha..We sang Healer, and it was AWESOME! (: (: and I like today’s topic.. on parents and esp mom. haha… shared quite abit la… It’s nice to be real in my cg leh.. (:

and i shall return to my typing.. (: