haha.. love hurts.

by e

ok, you’re right. it might hurt alil wearing it. but still I don’t mind. It’s a nice gentle reminder that I’m not forgotten. I just make sure the sharp part doesn’t poke my finger too hard la.. (:

i’m sorry I had to cut it short and make a stand. (well, I promised to be firm didn’t I?) still it hurts alil to not receive reply leh. you’re missed. very badly.

i hope you’re enjoying life. may daddyGod bless you with rivers of milo. and truckloads of sanity. (: (:

oh I’ve wised up alil already. I’m taking one module this term so it won’t be too hectic. I’m approaching august already!! three more months to NATIONAL CAMP 2008. (it could either be national disaster or national miracle – i choose the latter. 🙂 )

once august ends, I’m looking forward to ORDing. haha. because the most hectic month is over. yayness.

yeah, the world seems to be probing. I’m acting blur k? (: (:

i’m getting busy again now. with websites, magazine editorial matters, office work and school – next week is schoo! HAHA!

This time, daddyGod is keeping me sane. very sane. (: He holds my world together la.. I won’t be torn and crushed again so easily. (:

yups, that’s up to update. haha. life’s good. (:

yes, sorry about visiting like every minute..haha I know the stats are really high today. lol

you’re really really missed.