by e

ah bro, we had a great time catching up yesterday didn’t we?

I know you’ll never reach this blog one, you’re not a blog reader kind…but I’ll type this nonetheless…

It’s funny how I ended up talking when I went halfway around the country JUST to find you and HEAR from you. (are you touched? hee)

and it’s funny how we and the other dudes went around talking loads of rubbish while you went searching for the fabled ‘rocher’ ice cream flavour but actually you seemed like just taking free samplings of ice cream…haha..

and why you pick up the wine bottle for? haha you looked like you knew whether it was good or not…hahaha… you amuse me many times…

the carl’s junior idea was great…you, me freeloading their drink..just buy one small cup and we can just refill it FOREVER! (:

we had a good chat la… too bad Zi Xing slightly overheard our convo and found out!!! ahh! lol

really, you’re treasured bro… really treasured… haha…  don’t be too sian for too long… I’m proud of you mans.. Go and be a leader in the camp you’re blessing..

Your unit is blessed because you carry loads of favor of DaddyGod!

haha. mans, you’re in ARMOUR! that’s wayyy cool bro. 🙂

and i’m just waiting for sunshine.