reply! :)

by e

haha, i’m not embarassed la… I kinda expected that it wasn’t for me… could sense la.. (it still works, the sensing..haha) I do hope your friend is alright… I think I know which one la.. (:

haha, well, it doesn’t matter right zy? we’re not touching the phones what..haha..

and yes yes, i’m stubborn.. but it won’t take my life to listen, see I LISTENED, I’m doing only ONE mod this term….

haha i won’t take it off! (: (:

I’m glad that you’re finally taking the quirks of your classmates as a positive motivation.. I’m proud of you k? You’ll excel beyond them.. I’m very sure of that… You have LIFE and now you have EXCELLENCE leh!! Plus GRACE, mans you’re a GPA 4 student inside already! (: (GPA 4 doesn’t define you dear.. rmb that..:) )

but it’s sweet la, you replied..haha… thankyou. it was major relief to read that..haha.. my heartbeat normalised after reading..phew..haha.. and you know that my heart can beat really fast one…lol

I’m glad we know both our stands’s good that we’re firm.. (and you’re still missed..haha..)

and let the whole world tsk away.. haha… i won’t care! hee hee…

*zy..haha you’re not reading are you? hee.. 😛