by e

talking to myself:
“hmms, ohhh! she wore the ring….”
“woah! i’m green, you’re green too! haha wah flow ar?”

yups. I’m done ranting. (that was fast.)

DaddyGod, i never knew such security could exist in my life.

this is simply the beginning of great things to come right dad? (:

I don’t mind not knowing what to expect… i really don’t…. I’m stepping out into the unknown this time…

I’ll learn, i’ll listen, i’ll hold your hand. you guide me…

whatever it takes to increase yourself in me…whatever it takes to make me new…


there seems be be so much peace and solace tonight.

just feel like writing a song tonight….

there’s many things on my mind today….ministry, school, work, relationships…

but tonight i surrender my mind to you Lord… i just rest… practice my falling like today’s catching refresher…

i’ll just lean back and trust your faithfulness…you’ll hold me.. no worries..

i guess i just need to pen some thoughts down… but it’s really late.. i should sleep… (:

it’s not easy for me. it never seems to be for anyone i guess. but i’ll fall asleep smiling tonight.. (:

so, it is hard. for you i’ll go through it. i’ll smile though no one is smiling.