getting personal….

by e


it’s been awhile since I actually griped about work..not that I want to gripe about work now…

daddyGod bless those nuts who give me work….. loads of little, itsy bitsy stuff….

yes it’s a tad annoying… yes i get lazy and irritated doing little things that aren’t really my job (it’s someone’s elses job) it’s less problematic ‘donating’ them to me…

thankGod…thankGod i’m thought of as less problematic, thankGod that though I’m taken for granted (lol, what’s new) at least there’s an efficient image of me (only by the grace of God)

thankGod I’m not a bad ass, bad attitude dude….thankGod He shows me more grace than I can show to the rest of office….

i’m tired…. just a tad exhausted…. being taken for granted and worse – expected to be a clean up, back up plan really sucks… They say all NSFs face it… oh wells…I’ve seen recognised NSFs and I wonder if it’s really true that we all have to be treated as free labour.

With all the niceties and glamour they give to appreciate National Service men… behind the scenes? Work is still work.. even if it smells. (like crap. lol)

oh yes… Green and Blue… I’ve given up on the disparity… Work is still work, who cares about the vocation… Don’t compare.. you’ve been conferred with a vocation – make the best of it.. (:

daddyGod doesn’t make mistakes la.

i am, a tad annoyed by the staff in my office… They call my post unique…I’ll like to think of it as special…but there are days it just seem like the crappiest, extremely rare hellhole you can ever find. but then again.. that’s my flesh. do pardon me. teehee.

It is getting abit personal when you start to dislike the dudes in office… They have a clique comprising of people of the same vocation… and they like comparing their job against mine. then they take you on their little ego trip… (oh spare me pls.)


i’m done. I love my job despite the crap la…

Where can you find a job with so much freedom?

I have a boss who encourages me to take leave.. I get to roam around the whole academy anytime… I make many friends with people of high positions.. I have my own workstation, my own government email account (i’m the only NS officer with it), I have internet access in office (the rest don’t have)

I get to blog during office hours, I get to do my ministry stuff in office, I get to gym during lunch time..

Yes there are times where i need to do loads of OT… working 48 hours straight… I have to call people in high places.. Micro manage my cadets, etc etc…

but praise God la… I’m quite autonomous… i’m really given alot of authority (despite my rank haha.)

true, there’s trash..too much trash in this office…

praise God, i’m above and not behind the heap… in fact, my boss trusts me enough to clear the trash (all by dad’s grace really.) that’s probably why I usually get other people’s work from my boss…

I may not have gotten the credit (someone always does…hee..) but I got the experience..and it was well… kinda fun. (:

JIE JIE!!! your lil bro is doing well here!!! faster come back for camp leh!!! Remember to get something nice for me from China leh..hee hee… (I’m glad you’re safe.)