this is my narnia.

by e

it’s been a long time since i last typed something nice here.

all the stories and unexpressed poetry all pent up inside.

writer’s block isn’t the only problem i face when typing..

there’s work and school…

there’s lethargy…

to be honest, i don’t how much ‘torture’ can my body withstand anymore.. one, two hours of sleep is not enough for a sleep hungry person like me… and i need my food delivered to me… also i haven’t been working out much yet my body aches.

i need healing mans. ha.

it’s been awhile since i visited fantasy.

it’s been awhile i took time to day dream….

it’s been awhile that my dreams were anything but work.

you can never enter narnia by the same way always.

narnia – land of fantasy… creation of the lion’s song….the manifested dream of a child.

lucy first found this mystical land through the back of a old wardrobe… or did she?

narnia found lucy. aslan was waiting.

the second time the four children tried to return to narnia through the wardrobe.. they realised that they can’t.

narnia found the four. aslan was waiting.

the next time the four were in narnia was at the sound of the horn of susan.

you can’t return to narnia through the same way twice.

i may miss the ‘good old days’… when life was much bearable, where there isn’t much of concerns and worries.

but the good old days isn’t my ‘narnia’….

the place where i can find rest…the place where i can sing…the place where i worship.

this is my narnia – the heart of Jesus.

and i don’t return to narnia the same way always… it’s not always singing..not always praying…

sometimes just sitting at you desk – listening to ‘turn your eyes upon jesus’ on loop while typing a blog post can bring you back to narnia.

sometimes just not doing anything brings you back to narnia – narnia finds you.

they say aslan is never early, never late.

it’s comforting to know my God is with me even when i’m thrown into the fiery furnace… the fourth man is with me in my problems… even when it’s unfair…even when it’s surmounting.

Jesus found me and dad is waiting.

so what does narnia mean to you?

escapism? or freedom? (:

the precious blood of Jesus Christ redeemed me. forever i am free.

i miss you.