by e

It’s been an amazing week…

daddyGod..daddyGod… it’s been amazing…

oh… dad, please heal me of constant tiredness… i really find it annoying that i’m dosing off at my table again.. ha.

it’s funny how though i’ve screwed up so badly… and kicked myself in the butt… still you refuse to give up on me..

haha.. for how long will you stubbornly pursue me? even to the ends of the earth.. i find you there..

i sleep, i hear you.. i awake i see you… where can i hide from your presence, even in the darkness nights you are with me… and if i were to take flight in the morning.. i find you right beside me..

just when i gave up on my dreams and decided to settle for less… go economy class.. go to a cheapo motel instead of Holiday Inn… you had to upgrade me to first class on the A380… you had you restore the glimmer of hope and revive the dreams that once excited me…

you HAD to make me hope again didn’t you…

i was so starved this two months…so starved… i haven’t been feeding on the word, i attend service at just mere routine.. i didn’t touch my beloved guitar except during cg… i haven’t wrote a song nor did a recording lately… i was so love-starved, hope starved and word-starved….

but just one feeding from the bread of life… one gulp of living water… i am restored… how much more if i were to ‘makan’ everyday?

it’s surreal la..but wonderful…splendid…fantabulous! (:

“majesty, majesty…
your grace has found me just as i am..
empty handed but alive in your hands…”