by e

spur of the moment post.

i really wanted to let out some frustration that i’m facing at work…

i don’t really like my job much anymore.. (to set the records straight, i never really liked it, only learnt to try to like it and make the best out of it.)

and AHHH… office politics is back… I’m not going to be part of the crossfire this time, but since i’m not taking any sides, i’m left out of the office culture (which is bitching and grumbling about work and colleagues) and i’m quite left alone in office.. good (because it’s nice when no one bothers you) and quite bad because they give you a cold treatment..ha..gosh..

Lord, make time fly? ha.. i can tolerate this… but it’s nice to ORD real soon you know.. *grins*

I’ll just bear with it, pray i’m motivated to work again and let shalom do it’s work… (:

why do i get the blame?