by e

i remember a time where i had this famous line….

dream big, don’t be afraid to dream – after all it was a dream that put man on the moon.

well, that sounded reallllyyy encouraging back then, it has a major score for people who like to day dream like me.

someone had to burst our bubble. some conspiracy theorist had to debunk that and tell us that the fella on tv wasn’t walking on the moon – He was walking around somewhere in Arizona!

so you mean that millions of eyes were fooled?

dreams were dashed?

we’ve been believing in a lie?

it’s easy for something of such a large scale to shock people outta their pants and cause people to holla gloom and doom…

well… sure that conspiracy was a major bummer, sure that burst many bubbles, caused some to falter.

and cause my beloved one-liner to be invalid…

it’s easy for someone to pour cold water on us and yell things like: fat hope, dream on, or yeah whatever
they are the skeptics, the pseudo pragmatics, the cold logicals and the hurt.

but has anyone stopped dreaming?

has anyone stopping launching to space?

isn’t there still brave men and women in NASA… some grew up inspired by the fella in the tele?

isn’t still someone who hopes to leave another foot print on the big green cheese?

setbacks, skeptics, bubble-bursters – they do not have power enough to stop us from dreaming, unless we let them…

if everyone is a whim – we wouldn’t have the light-bulb… heck, the wheel wouldn’t even be discovered either.

God was a dreamer. and darkness didn’t stop him from making light.
Jesus was a dreamer. and death didn’t stop him from saving us.

God dreamt, and soon He walked with Adam in paradise.

Dreams are what made moon-walking possible. and hope is what keeps the dream alive.

and even if our hopes are dashed – age catches up, circumstances change, people fail.
are we gonna lay down and back out?

heck are we gonna let the wheel remain SQUARE!

NEVER, i’m not letting some hurt little skeptic tell ME what HE thinks I SHOULD or SHOULD NOT DO.

I’m not letting some carreer analyist tell me making movies is not my cuppa tea and i should stick to working in a little box.

I’m gonna be a Moon-walker, a Everest dancer, Oscar regular, a voice for God. someone.

What do you want to be?

God made us in His image. you can dream as big as you want.
Reality is made by God – the first and biggest dreamer. if someone tells you to face reality and stop dreaming. TELL THEM – reality began as a dream. ’nuff said.

i’m confident i can do ANYTHING. i can play every instrument conceivable, create something useful, capture dreams unto film, do what i wanna do – be it a hundred or a squillion, i can be where i like, marry who i love, bless who i wanna bless, share my mind’s eye with another.

didn’t daddyGod promise us unlimited, unrestricted ability?
I can do ALL things in Him who strengthens me right?

soon skeptics and pragmatics would be hunting me down.. not to mention the atheists, the uninspired, age and what-have-you.

i’m not gonna run, i’m not gonna back out… The Lord is my banner and my Vindicator. Try him.

i’m planning my next holiday in Hawaii and then the moon.

how ’bout ya?