When your heart breaks.

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Still, there is something to be said for planting seeds, even in harsh climates. A Hasidic tale describes a Rabbi who told people that if they studied the Torah it would put Scripture on their hearts. When someone asked him why he always used the word “on” instead of “in” he said, “Only God can put Scripture inside. But reading sacred text can put it on your hearts, and when your hearts break the holy words will fall inside.”

Jenny Schroeder, Boundless
(Hasidic tale cited from Anne Lamott’s Plan B (New York: Riverhead Press 2005) p. 73.)

The holy words go in when your heart breaks…

If i’m taking that literally then i’m very encouraged.

because when my heart breaks thats when i need His loving words of comfort, holy words…

i guess the rabbi did made some sense… God puts His words IN our hearts… and when our heart breaks He comes to heal it… with His word.