and i’m consumed in you.

by e

It’s like the sun swallowed up by the earth
Like atomic bombs in reverse
As if a glass could contain the sea
That’s the way You are in me
That’s the way You are

-The Way You Are: The Afters

and i’m enveloped in you,
surrounded by your glory.
Totally consumed in you;

Your love covers me from rain.
your heart is my shelter;
sets me free from pain.

and i’m consumed in you
i am consumed in you…


‘good enough’…. the problem isn’t with good… it’s with ‘enough’…

can God ever be good – enough?
no… there is no enough in God.

God is good, good is God. it’s an imperative, a constant, a definitive.

imm, stop limiting the unlimited potential in you.

Jesus LIVES in you, He is like an atomic bomb ticking inside of you.
why do you hold back?

why do you keep your God-given glory as if you fear it?

If a star is meant to shine – let it shine.
Likewise for a gem – let it sparkle…

For God there’s only best, or nothing at all.
Dad is not concerned with giving His son second hand blessings.

it’s only best, not second best.

imm.. imm… do not fear… dad has given the best, just rest.