my new wishlist.

by e


here’s my wish list for the birthdays to come.

1. To produce my first short film when i’m 21
2. To meet Tom Hanks and Spielberg 🙂 🙂
3. To work at Lucas Films and Collab with Dreamworks Studios
4. Oh, buy, borrow or rent the Band of Brother miniseries
5. To produce my very own war epic.
6. To have my own concert
7. To attend a film festival when i’m 21
8. To own my own film library
9. To have a collection of all the finest War movies made
10. To write and publish a book by 25
11. To own a bad-ass Transformers collectable action figure. (Compliments of el, mei and the people who chipped in)
12. To earn my first million by time i reach 24.

and of course, the misc section.
   I want…

1. a 4 Gb Memory Stick for my PSP.
2. a new semi-acoustic guitar
3. a electric guitar
4. a new DSLR Camera!
5. a new laptop
6. a PDA phone
7. a portable hard drive
8. Bumble-bee to accompany Optimus Prime. *winks*
9. an iPod?
10. a wardrobe makeover. (:

daddyGod this is yours to fulfill. (: