by e

i love correction.

i really do.

because it tells me how good God is. (like really good.)

i stand corrected again. (: thanks j, appreciate the link.

haha, it felt like a slap, a wake up call from self-pity and condemnation. but in reality?

it was just a nudge from a smiling God. I guess i blew things out of proportion haven’t i?

Like what Edmund said: “eh you still young la, can learn somemore” haha, amen brother.

Correction is never painless. But thank God it’s pain to the flesh. Strength to the spirit man.

It’s not about me. I wake up every morning and i fail to read the banner on my wall – It’s not about you, it’s all about Jesus.

It’s about time i relocate the banner. Or i’ll just make it a point to remember this.

“It’s all about Jesus.”

I matter. I know I do.. It’s about Jesus, I’m in Jesus.

I matter alot.
To Him.

The Lord is my shepherd.