by e

I had my withdrawal symptoms today. Gosh.

Shivering fingers and fleeting attention. I feel really edgy now, my eyes dart around and i’m desperately finding something to do.

I need a sermon. I need to down the word, His word. I need my daily bread NOW.

Thank God for the Sony PSP. It’s my portable sermons collection. I traded in my games for His word. Worth it.

Now i need a extra battery, and a larger memory stick. Then it’ll be awesome, more music and sermon – longer time. (:

Jesus, there’s RT later, i pray i doesn’t take too long. And give me the energy and will to go for Pastor H’s session later. I REALLY wanna go down.

Now Lord, accelerate my mind, i give one tenth of my mind, help me tap to the other 90% of it. Bless me Lord, I know i got many things to do, help me get started. Thanks daddyGod. (: