green eyes.

by e

when you know that God values you RICHLY and has gifted you well…

you DON’T have to be jealous.

Faith is believing and speaking right? And Faith is a law, an imperative, a statue, a constant.

So what can that person do that I cannot? (:

Same Jesus, same Holy Spirit. What’s the difference? More faith? Impossible, faith is constant, it’s only a matter of BELIEVING and SPEAKING.

There are no varying degrees to a law. The law is unbend-able and to each law there is an exact consequence, not a ambiguous wavering one.

The exact consequence to the law of faith is this:
  You get what you believe and speak.

Why do people get jealous of another? I know why I do.

1. We forget how loved and uniquely precious we are to God. Tell me how can a poem be jealous of a painting?

Both are masterpieces, and both are loved by the wordsmith and the artist.

2. We despise our gift and deem it lesser than another. We always deem the grass greener on the other side, not knowing that the other side might deem us greener than them.

We are uniquely gifted, but we have the same impact. A leader and a server aren’t any different really. A young christian and a christian of fifty years do not have varying levels of intimacy with God. In the end of the day, both prayers are answered immediately by the loving heavenly Father who’s ears are inclined to our pleas.

3. We crave another’s gift, glorifying the another’s gift. It’s like how we can never be satisfied with what’s on our plates. Your neighbour always orders something ‘yummy-er’ than you.

We should glorify the ‘gifter’ not the gift. Who’s greater and more worthy to be praised? daddyGod or Pastor so and so? If God gives you the gift of drawing or juggling, why compromise and try to emulate the of teaching and leadership?

Use your gift to glorify God, because you’ll impact more people with your gift of juggling than you trying to preach. Your ministry of juggling could be one that changes thousands of lives. (Don’t laugh, it’s true.)

 4. We think being gifted is all about us. God gives gifts and personality separately, we think our personality is our gift. And we think our gift is belongs solely to us. But God gives gifts to bless people and personality because you’re unique.

All gifts belong to God, not us. Our gifts cannot be called OURS per se. But God created us with a gift to glorify HIM not ourselves, it’s never about us, it’s all about Him. Can a moon boost about lighting up the night sky? Can a mirror call itself beautiful? Without the sun, the moon doesn’t emit light. Without a beautiful face, the mirror is blank. We are called to reflect HIS glory not our flesh.

 5. We’re jealous because we’re starting small. We’ve only began to use our gifts, whereas another person has more experience in it.

Many times Jesus reminds us not to judge God with time. A huge tree always started small, a chicken began from a egg. They took time to grow. Do not despise the day of small beginnings, do not despise your youth. Don’t not be impatient and impetuous, daddyGod makes all things beautiful in His time. Spiritual Acceleration happens when you’re most unconscious of it.

And so we all have a measure of faith, but God wants to increase in His endurance – which is a fruit of the spirit.

I don’t need to be jealous, because Jesus and daddyGod REALLY really loves me.

I don’t need my daddyGod to tell me all that’s His is mine.

    I don’t presume.

      I KNOW I HAVE IT ALL, and I ain’t shy to use and enjoy them all.

Praise God, the fire in my bones is let out. (: