thank you.

by e

evangelism is one poor man telling another poor man where to find bread.

How do you love Jesus much? Do we even want to love Jesus much?

Then let him love you MUCH.

Oh, the riches of loving Jesus… because my love means nothing, I love because I know He REALLY REALLY loves me so.

I rather know nothing but the love of Christ.

Only the love of Jesus. I want to know why He loves me, how He loves me, everything about His love.

I want to see Jesus famous, not me. I want to hear more unfair stories of how Jesus loves the undeserving.

Jesus let me love myself just as you love me. Let me love the poor man, as you loved him.
Jesus let know more of your love. More, and more.

It’s unfair that you love me, because I can name thousand and one reason why you should not.

but enough of me, enough of imm.

thankyou Jesus.

thankyou my lover.

thankyou because you feed and look after me, you keep me alive.

I’m a poor man, was a poor man, because thank you for letting me sit at the King’s table to feed.

Thank you Jesus.