lambs are little, but most loved.

by e

I like Jackie.P ALOT.

It’s cool how she ministers to the poor, the drug addicts, the rejects.

I remember she once said this: (I paraphrase)

The poor recieve the gospel (good news) better than people living comfortable lives, be it higher class or middle class…

And it makes sense… To the poor, the gospel is indeed GOOD NEWS to them.

Preach the news of free bread… filling milk and honey… Tell to the poor, they’ll run to Jesus (no, it’s not a scam)

Jesus said, why pay for things that do not fill?

The rich would all those money can’t buy redemption.

But the poor would recieve grace and eat the bread of Christ, are poor no more, and should reign in life.

To be poor mean to be at the END of yourself.

Surrender to God ALL of you… Not just your weakness…

God doesn’t want your money, or your achievement or you minister…

God wants YOU.


When you’re nothing of yourself… That when you can make MUCH of Jesus.

Being little has it’s benefits…

The little lambs are most loved. (: