make peace, not pieces.

by e

🙂 i stumbled upon this old post again – flee not resist.

i like pastor m alot. I like what he said about not resisting and doors and daddyGod.

needless fight indeed.

so it’s a year of rest. daktos and razon.

I really don’t like the glares and the bad vibes coming from them, and I don’t like the sense of fakeness (i think it’s self percieved tho) and antipathy i’ve been seeing… It’s scary.

Welcome to the real world imm.

You’re 21 mans… And 21 means huge things… (:

And i’m just gonna be thick skinned and bold and brave whatever there is to brave.

Meanwhiles, you transform me Lord… Make me your ideal man of God.

Amen, amen and amen.