Bad after-taste.

by e

🙂 so I make really dumb mistakes eh Dad?

The feeling sucks.

And knowing there are many people out there that can’t be easily trusted.. many fakes, many different personalities… many different people in short.

There are the vicious ones.. male or female.

There are the volatile ones.

Yes, the docile ones.

And finally really really smart ones.

I’m growing up.. learning that world can be a cold harsh place.

Some ‘Rules’ shouldn’t be broken… (not that the can’t be broken – just that you won’t like the consequences.) And yes, that’s why there is the saying ‘harmless as doves, wise as serpents.’

I’m still righteous in your eyes aren’t I dad?

Still an upright honorable man right?

Amen, I am… because you are first who I want to be.

21. The world is still for the taking.

I’m not letting the culture shock of the world stop me from dominating it with grace, favor and courage.

Yes, I’ll wise up and stay away from some people in office… Step away from snares that lie in the open.
A woman’s tongue can be potent poison and a man’s rage can be unstoppable destruction.

and… Now back to my Graduation Project. (:

Haha..amen iTunes – None but Jesus. Perfect song for the moment.