forward. pause and play.

by e

so many things have happened in the first 19 days of ’09…

it seemed like yesterday when we were talking about ’08.

tumultuous. would be what i’d describe the journey thus far.

and I’m glad for the trials and stumbles, the failures and heartbreaks, the fall, the crash and burn.

the crash and burn.

i never expected it. i never asked for it. (ok, then again i did)

i like how the guys on the west coast of US say it… I broke my plate.

meaning it’s the process of growing up.
initiation to manhood, invitation to adulthood.

it’ll describe what being a man is all about.

not pain tolerance, it’s courage in face of fear.
not overcoming odds, it’s braving surmounting circumstances.
not jumping back up, it’s grabbing the hand of Jesus and getting back to the race of faith.
not self made success – but God-graced testimonies.

I’ve learnt the courage is not the absence of fear. it’s the presence of Christ WITH you, bringing courage Himself into presence of your greatest fear.

Manhood is not about mindless bravado and strict codes of honour… it’s simply summed up with one word.


and if it takes a a year of events, heart aches and head aches to mould me. Heck, then Jesus you bring me through it…

it’s been fun… 2009.

I’ve more to write. but it’ll leave it for some other time. (: