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funny word to use… it can refer to many things.. one i find intriguing is this:

Hiatus (Latin “yawning”) (IPA: /haɪˈeɪtəs/) in linguistics is the separate pronunciation of two adjacent vowels, sometimes with an intervening glottal stop. In poetic metre (or “poetic meter“), hiatus can also refer to the failure of two vowels straddling a word boundary to coalesce, for example by elision of the first vowel.”

Something new learnt…

The drama me and my mom watch over dinner has ended.. The ending is so not satisfying. I can totally imagine the writer being a purist, self-righteous, creative dude who regards his art form too pure to be tainted by consumers/viewers desire for a good ending…

Maybe not. The ending was very mysterious, and to some point anti-climax… We don’t know what really happened to the protagonist… The show just ended like that.. Cliff hanging and abrupt.

But Yijimei deserves both my thumbs up… Rent it from your nearest DVD shop soon.. it’s a good Korean martial art serial.

My GP’s synopsis is still waiting to be written and i still have one more project to complete… Jesus help me finish it? (:

amen.. (: