full circle.

by e

“The castles in my life, I hold them dear. But they are not what life is
all about. The end is inevitable. Rejoice when trials come, they only
clean the whiteboard for me to write again.

I fall. I WILL fall. Like my castles will crumble. But I’ll stand up

from: the boy and his castle.

It’s one full circle.

Finally, the entry i wrote sometime ago makes sense now. Praise God really… Because I never knew the entry would speak to me so strongly in this season.

I like this part: “Rejoice when trials come, they only clean the whiteboard for me to write again.”

Physical things may fade away, but the eternal things – unseen but everlasting.

It’s a clean slate and a new beginning. Whatever has happenned, has happened to allow me to start a afresh in life.

21. The world is still for the taking. If only I would take it. Lay rightful claim on the kingdom of God as the Champion-Prince that I am called to be.

Mistakes, I’ve forgetten to rejoice even though i make mistakes. Why? Because God is always a God of second chances, and new beginnings. I have the right to rejoice even in midst of failure, because my Redeemer lives.

Opposition will always be there. The lil hell worm will always dish out messes and pitfalls. But honestly?
DaddyGod can handle whatever the devil and dish out..

Failure is not in my future, defeat is not in my future.

And thus my favourite verse:

“Rejoice not against me, O my enemy! When I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light to me.”

Not one’s fault. I know… Amen.

People… There’s always more to gain because God’s on our side.