like a kid with a broken hydrant.

by e

Would I still dance silly, laugh silly and whine silly like the beloved son that I am?

Would I? Even if the circumstances seem disappointing, even if the pressure sets in and you can’t help but worry and panic.

I’ll still trust you dad…

Even when I fear the outcome of the appeal.

Even when I fear the future.

Even when I fear whether I’m getting into a University.

No, I will not fear. You are with me… God is with me. And if my Dad is with me, what can stand against us?

My Dad is better than your nonsense, fear.

So I maybe shivering inside, but I will not bow down to the fear.

I may be thrown into the furnace but no flame, no smoke is clinging on me..

So when the going gets tough… I’m gonna dance and praise him even more…

Just like a kid with a broken hydrant…

kid with hydrant