Curtain call.

by e

Soon this season of serving the nation and protecting citizens will come to an end…

Operationally-Ready Date. aka. ORD

Amen, DaddyGod, Lord – I do believe that I’m ready…

Ready to take on that giants, the mountains, the call.

I like what I wrote quite a while back:

“Imagine how it felt, having a calling, hearing his voice… yet feeling weak and alone.

We know how the story ended. And it’s told over and over again every christmas.

Jesus was born. Not because Mary was faithful (though she was), not because Joseph was responsible (though he was) but because God is faithful and true.

You see it’s not about them, it was never about them. The three magi sought the baby King not his mortal parents. It all ends up with God glorified.

So what happens when i come to the place of knee weak and lip quivering?
Do what Mary did, hang on. Forget about yourself. Let God find rest for you.


When you forsake the sweet wine of Christ for human honey. You essentially traded in your Godiva chocolate for m&ms, your Posche for a Toyota and your true self for a mask.

What matters is God’s seal of approval that overrides every human opinion of you. Why fear men when God approves of you.

Has he not called you. Who are human voices to speak against the voice of His majesty?

Feed on the true sweetness of the Lord and not flakly human honey which is addictive and unfulfilling.

Psalms 188 challenges the flesh: “what can mere men do to me?” If God has marked you, NOTHING can erase His seal on you.

I belong to Jesus. I’m sealed.”

-from penning down some thoughts.

Powerful stuff… and Amen.

I’m marked, I’m ready… Now daddyGod. Give me that mountain.

My degree, my position, my ministry.

Dad, I’ll get into a good university of YOUR choice. And I’ll be quickly promoted in my career.

And I know you love me, you’ll answer my every prayer, grant my every desire.

Fresh anointing Lord. I don’t care what the others say. I don’t care if i’m qualified or whether it’s unfair.

You’re unfairly good, and I’ll be YOUR testimony.

Lord, I have a fresh and bigger anointing for this year. Amen.