the word is the word is the word.

by e

The last Arrow service was precious.

J and Z both confirmed that same thing that’s been on my heart…They both used the same phrase – Go back into the word. Feed on the word.

I don’t think that discussed about me beforehand did they? haha.

And amen J, Jesus still stands faithful even when I’m devoid of EVERYTHING. He’ll will be there to meet every need.

Some doors have been closed and shut tightly lately. And I thank God for His hedge of protection over me. And when doors are closed, it just means God’s leading and guiding my path. Yes, it’s been a harsh journey to the flesh at least. But yet this time, this season has been my most blessed season yet.

“The more crap you face, the bigger blessings you’ve see in due time.” I like this quote, because it’s probably true. 🙂 I like what J said – “God’s probably setting you up for something big”. And amen to that. Because daddyGod is big. 🙂

Yosh said something that really moved me awhile back – “Immanuel, you remind me of Daniel, there’s no smell of smoke on you.”

I never saw it that way, I’ve always felt that my past is something the devil uses as condemnation fodder. And I really dislike bringing up my past.

But I realise everytime I share my past, my history, my journey thus far – Godly things happen, most of the time the love of God descends on people. It’s funny, how people can cry while I speak (Now I know it’s God, not how awful I sound)

So today is day one of my personal ‘Believe!’ journey. I’ll just dive straight into the word. And know that He is a good God.

Dad, help me make my decision by the end of this week. Speak to me so clearly regarding this Dad amen.