by e

I’ve finished the Cataclysm arc.

I’ve been fond of DC’s comics and it’s imprints.

I really think the writers behind the Dark Knight really write good stuff.

Cataclysm’s old.. It run around 1998? But it’s plot is so familiar right now.

Major earthquake in Gotham. City in ruins, even the city’s richest man is helpless about it. Much less his alter-ego, who salvages whatever’s left of the city and desperate keeping through to his promise – to protect the citizens of Gotham City.

Batman, the Dark Knight,  the Dark Angel, the Bat. So many names but one cause – to serve and to protect.

The cataclysm plot really makes you think about how do you recover from ruins, utter destruction.

The answer? One step at a time.

Anyways, just read the comics if you can still find it.. It’s good. (: