by e

sunday. I love sundays…

It’s not just church-going day. It’s not just a day jammed packed with activities.

It’s not even a family reunion of siblings in Christ.

It’s the day of new beginnings. The first day of the week, the dawn of the week.

Sunday – as the name suggests; it’s the day where the sun always shines.

And the SON will always always shine.

I saw cherri on screen yesterday.

Even though I still feel awkward facing her from time to time.

I can’t help but feel proud – proud to have met and known a woman of God. Whether she looks pale and squinty-eyed with specs. I saw a woman of God.

Pra-yesus. Powerful Words, nuff said.

Do I still fear her? maybe not – it’s hard to fathom why i do anyway.

Then there was Clint. Which through him gave me a special love for clif.

And that’s something unfathomable.

Clint and I walked pass the Convention centre.

And found His long lost teacher… one that even a hardened boy like him rejoices over finding.

He said it himself – he is hardly joyful.

But last night he grinned like mad – a hardened heart become flesh.

and quoting him. The experience is “like a high even a thousand Martels can’t give you”

Unfathomable joy.


clif, you have a amazing brother.