hello dad, it’s me, we need to talk.

by e

daddyGod, how I wish you keep a mobile phone.

then I can hear your voice on speakerphone.

then I can ring you up when I’m lonely.Text you when I’m in a fix.

Dad, If you had a mobile phone, I know you’ll always pick up my calls.

Wait… what is that?


Oohhh… Prayer… Ha..

Silly me… You always hear me when I call/pray/scream eh?

But dad, I really really long for your tangible presence… I’m not just statisfied with a one way convo with The Almighty.

I really dislike being cooped up at home feeling ever so alone and sometimes lonely.

I really dislike the deafening silence at home. Like I’m the only person alive in the neighbourhood.

Sure,  I love hanging out with my friends, brothers, kin. I enjoy their presence, I cherish every single soul that daddyGod has graciously provided to walk with me in this journey.

I really do.

It’s just… just…

What happens when you step home, lock the gates, face four walls and a glowing monitor?

I admit I’m not as secure as I’m supposed to be. I hate to feeling lonely. Mind you – lonely not ALONE. I’m ok being alone. After all it’s been like that since I was ten?

Going home is like going back into my cell. ‘Cept there’s a clean toilet, a kitchen and a warm bed. Other than that, I need a revelation to make everything else feel alive..

and yes, yes I’m ranting… I’m griping, whining… It’s hard bottling up for so damn long.

Maybe it’s not so bad after all…

I shall start thanking God I’m alive.

But still it’ll be nice if we could have a cuppa coffee with me  Dad..  (: