of hunger.

by e

must never forget about daddyGod’s divineblueprint for my life.

He must increase, i must decrease…

Not very hard… Not very easy either.

Always remember jie being hungry for God back then – how she secretly wanted someone to pray for her during HM6IX. And look at her today, where the hunger for HIM has brought her – now she’s a CGL.

yes, somewhere along the way my hunger stopped. I just stood still. That boyish wonder and curiousity also faded with time.

Not that i’m not hungry – I’m just filling my hunger with things that don’t satisfy.

Slowly starving my soul by eating things that aren’t food.

The divine pattern of daddyGod is you feed – you grow. full-stop. period.

no wacky religous rites, no people pleasing, no complicated process.

Just simple chewing and feeding, speaking and believing.

Yes, Living is simple. 🙂