not good enough.

by e

so many things happened to stop me from typing this thought down.

I believe this is something powerful that daddyGod himself wants me to share…

sin is not the opposite of grace.

sin is not the deterrent of grace.

mistakes, failures, stumblings and mishaps do not diminish grace.

‘not good enough’ does.

‘it’s ok’ does.

in short NORMAL is the opposite of grace.

there are varying degrees of normal.
the ‘not good enough’ does with condemnation and bad opinion of self. the ‘it’s ok’ is the nonchalant response or the superiority complex.

both are responses that accept the status-quo. both oppose grace because they steal the amazing from grace.

when was the last time you felt grace was amazing?

when was the last time you entrusted your life to the arms of grace?

when was the last time time you desired for something bigger than yourself, unattainable by yourself and greater than what you can afford?

‘not good enough’ and ‘it’s ok’ perfectly steals every opportunity for us to believe in amazing grace. because it simply makes void of your belief that grace is amazing and it works.

if you can’t believe that grace is amazing and that God is good. You’ll reject every good thing that comes your way because you think you’re not good enough and it’s ok you don’t need to receive it. it’s an insult to our daddyGod.

grace is amazing because it’s the reason why we receive things that are we’re so undeserving of.

grace is amazing because daddyGod graciously gives and gives and gives; despite our flaws.

who are we to kick ourselves when we make mistakes?

who are we to reject God’s blessings in our life?

What daddyGod gives He gives in abundance, with not repentance and by grace. It is by grace we receive…

Therefore lets have a good opinion of daddyGod and receive everything we don’t deserve. (: