washing Jesus’ feet.

by e

Jesus washes our feet with the water of the word.

wipes and dries it with the linen clothes of righteousness.

but how do we wash the feet of the Christ. One whose sandals are too glorious for John the Baptist to untie?

Luke 7 (New International Version)

37 When a woman who had lived a sinful life in that town learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house, she brought an alabaster jar of perfume,

38 and as she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them.

The woman cried tears to wash the feet of Christ… How can one cry tears enough to wash someone’s feet except one who is grieving, bitter and desperate?

The woman cried bitter tears, from a hurt and bitter heart, desperate for Christ.

And she used her hair to wipe the feet of Christ. In the middle eastern culture, it is taboo for a woman to be seen without her veil. Yet the woman let down her hair to be used irregardless of  the law. The hair of a woman is her glory – her crown. For a woman to let her hair be touched is a very significant act. No man can ever touch a woman’s hair unless they are married.

The woman who was a harlot, laid down her hair for Jesus, God-man… The last man that she’ll ever let touch her glory.

And the flask of perfume? It is thought to cost a year’s wage. As good as someone’s life savings. Yet the woman freely broke her life’s savings onto the Lord’s feet. Washing His feet first, then anointing him.

We may never wash Jesus’ feet like how He washed ours. We were bankrupted, devoid of anything worthy. Yet DaddyGod graciously brought us into His family.

Like the woman; We wash the Lord’s feet with our tears; the outpouring of our souls – emotion. We get God involved in our life – acknowledge that emotions are real – the pain is real but yet through the flowing of tears we let His healing take over. God made tears not the devil, by the same token – God made emotions – let’s not be fake and pretend that everything’s ok. Suppressing the emotions, holding back the tears.

But if we need to cry; cry on the Lord’s shoulders. If we need to release the emotions, the pain and hurts; take them to the Lord – if we don’t; who else can we go to?

Then let us wipe his feet with our hair… Our glory. Let us let down our glory before Him who deserves ALL glory. When we finally meet the King of Kings – we will cast all our earthly crowns before him and fall to our knees to worship Him.

Sometimes our personal glory is the very reason why we’re hurting so much, it’s our pride and glory that stab us where it hurts most. But what can hurt us if we cast them to the Lord?

Iron bolts fashioned by the hands of man pierced His hands, feet and side. It was also our pride that pierced Him but yet the Lord took it all.

When we cast our own glories unto Him, We’ll be glorified TOGETHER with Him.

And lastly, we anoint the Lord’s feet with our life savings.

The alabaster flask of ointment. The most expensive thing in our possession. All our lives stored in that that flask. And we break it before His feet.

Humbly I submit to you. When we give our broken lives, broken hearts to Jesus. When we give every broken part of our lives to Him, He changes them into perfume. When we give all we have to Him, everything that we deem expensive – be it our possessions or our lives. He’ll restore it.

This is worship – giving our lives to Jesus. Breaking the alabaster flask.

Yes, it is expensive to us. But God doesn’t cheapen our offering (though every expensive possession pales in value compared to the riches of His glory.)

God accepts that which is expensive and precious to us, and returns it to us greater in value, but most of all with His signature and His love.

It’s like us giving DaddyGod our precious toy pearls for Him to give us real pearls that DaddyGod himself strung and made for us.

That’s how we wash our beloved Lord’s feet. By offering ourselves.