by e

so i get to choose between the carrot, the egg and the oolong tea. (reference to some email..)

I don’t like stereotyping but i don’t wanna end up like the egg or the carrot.

hardened and weak.

so how do I deal with my insecurities and fears?

how do I manage the condemnation and weakness when it arrives?

Some display strength in face of difficulty, some crumble beneath it.

But I’d like to raise above it, but there are days… very much like today, where my flesh stares out at me and sneers: “You can’t do it, imm”

and I have two choices at the moment… fight or flight; manage the thought or BE managed BY the thought…

decisions, decisions, decisions… so the rubber meets the road… I tend to cower more often than not…

How am I going to raise above my fears?

We all need practical solutions not wishy-washy-bless-you advices..

They say God be the Solution… I need a revelation concerning this… Cause it seems like there’s more to that saying…

I won’t say I’m not afraid… I’ll confess that His is MY God.

I’ll wait and see what daddyGod does… I wait and listen to Him…